Rock & Mulch Installation

When it comes to your landscaping needs, we’re here for you. Our team of experts will safely and effectively install rock or mulch and make your home look outstanding.

Our mulch and rock installation services are a great way to refresh your landscape, increase curb appeal and give you a finished look. Regardless of your landscaping needs at Better Lawns & Landscapes, we have a solution that will help you beautify your home.

Why You Should Get Rock & Mulch Installation Services

We can transform any garden or lawn with our expert skills in rock and mulch installation, so you can give your home a fantastic boost and enjoy the multiple benefits.

Prevent Weeds

Mulching and rock landscaping create a weed-free environment for your garden or flower beds.

Control Moisture

Rock and mulch are used to help retain moisture in the soil, which enhances plant growth.

Minimize Erosion

Using rock and mulch to cover your landscape will help it retain its shape, preventing soil erosion.

Affordable Solution

Rock and mulch are an excellent way to keep your lawn looking good while preventing weeds at a low cost.

How Our Process Works

From an honest quote upfront to maintaining your property after we’re done, our process is thorough and transparent.


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Send us a message or give us a call, and tell us about the kind of pavers you want to get installed.


Get an Estimate

We’ll send you a free estimate and schedule your pavers project.


Let’s QA

We call you to address any questions or concerns before getting your new paver project started to ensure we meet your expectations.


Get an invoice

Once we know all the details about where you want your pavers to be, we will send you a detailed invoice to avoid surprises.



After your new pavers are all set up, we provide maintenance to ensure everything keeps working properly.

Enhance Your Landscaping With Our Rock & Mulch Installation Services

f you are looking for quality services, look no further! We provide high-quality mulch and rock installation services. Whether you need mulch or rock installation, we are the team for you.


Mulch is useful in landscapes for moisture conservation, appearance, and the added benefit of weed control. Rock installation is a quick way to refresh your garden and give your landscaping a clean and finished look. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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